Hoofprints Innovations is a new Concept on how we look at you, your horse, your pony, your loved ones and your woof. If we follow age old tradition and methodologies our Safety and well-being will never evolve.

Coming from a background of Change – Equestrianism, Event management and Project Management in Research and Development in the Equine industry – we address our shortcomings to keep us and our animals better equipped “to live, feel alive and flight another day”.

We are living longer, there are pressures on us as athletes and we must ask the question “Are You Serious”

Are You Serious about

Your Self preservation
Your Animals and their wellbeing
Your Fun – remember it is the love of the sport that attracts us
Your Future – can we compete and live healthy into the future
Your loved ones peace of mind

So Are you Serious …Well are you?  “It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall” (olde Mexican Proverb). Hoofprints Innovations are here for you, for the times you don’t think as well as the times you do – So get equipped and have some serious Fun – For Smart Riders who like to look and feel it!