eQuick eBoots AeroMagneto

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From Hoofprints Innovations - eQuick eBoots AeroMagneto.

The Stable/Travel Boot in the “AERO“ version, is designed to add to the practicality and functionality of the “Classic” model. It’s your guarantee of enhanced ventilation and oxygenation to your horse’s leg, by enhancing breathing at the back of the shin-guard to let out the hot air that builds up within. Resting shinguard with velcro and elastic support to improve adjustment of compression on the horse’s leg. Perfectly shaped to prevent sliding off, enhance tendon control, and prevent after-exercise swelling. The Cordura Protection (1) on the shinguard’s rear part ensures greater resistance to wear. The length of the inner cushion is designed to Protect the coronet (2), making this shinguard an ideal alternative to bandages for the horse box, and also an excellent Protection during transport. The AeroStable/Travel Boot Magneto the convenience and comfort of the base model adds the benefits of increased ventilation guaranteed by the ventilation system, in addition to ‘therapeutic action regenerating and anti-inflammatory due to the use of magnets.


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