eQuick eKur Dressage Protection

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Size: Small (Pony)
Colour: White
Leg: Front
€107.10 €119


Hoofprints Innovations brings you the eQuick eKur Dressage Protection. The eKur Dressage Protection boot is characterized of high technology materials directly coming from GP riders Protections. It is extremely light and easily washable. The soft microfiber inside guarantees maximum comfort to horse’s leg, outside material has micro holes, it is breathable while the rigid part prevents from impact and / or abrasion. Thanks to its anatomic shape it is perfectly adherent to the leg ensuring maximum Protection to the most vulnerable areas to trauma and bruises, while leaving the fetlock free in his movements.

It is also equipped with a special, innovative and patented release system, which enables its rapid removal from the horse’s legs. In  opening-closing system a small plastic rod is inserted, this allows maximum safety and quick disengage of  the boot by the horse’s limbs. This, in addition to the obvious convenience, has been especially studied for preserving the safety of people who, just before entry of the horse in the race field, are Properly handling the legs of an agitated and nervous horse.



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