Leovet MED Wash

Size: 250ml


Suitable for cleaning very sensitive skin especially on lower legs. Supports regeneration by removing dirt and incrustations.

Perfume-free, pH skin-neutral, without essential oils.

Gentle cleaning with extra mild and soap-free surfactants. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Contains the protein Pentavitin® extracted from wheat: A natural moisturiser for skin and hair.

Durably binds to the skin’s own keratin which supports long-lasting moisture retention.

Aniseed - Anise acid restores the skin's microbial balance.

It stabilises the pH value of the skin, improves the natural acid protection and is very well tolerated - even for sensitive, problematic, and allergy-prone skin.

Ideal for use before applying leovet Silver Ointment or other first aid applications

FN anti-doping and medicine control rules: ADMR compliant, no waiting period.

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