eQuick Eventing Cross Country Boots
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eQuick eVenting Cross Country Boots

135.00 inc.Vat | 109.76 ex.VAT

The tendon boot cross country eVenting is very light (165 grams!) Thanks to a combination of innovative materials. Rigid parts guarantee a high impact protection in the most delicate limbs of the horse. The tendon boot is very tight in the legs of the animal (while superbly vented) and elongated towards the knee, while leaving maximum freedom of movement to the pastoral.


Product Description

It is also characterized by the particular system of closing-opening that allows its rapid removal from the legs of the horse (one hand quick release). In fact, it has a patented closing system in which is inserted a small plastic rod, that allows to uncouple it quickly and in full safety from the limbs of the horse.

All this to satisfy the need to safeguard first the legs of your animal in a discipline, such as in cross country, where they are subjected to a greater chance of shock, but also the safety of the rider or of the grooms, that upon finishing competition, have to handle the horse’s legs agitated and nervous. Shaped, washable, does not absorb water or sweat, eVenting is designed together with the best world champions, to better meet the needs of professionals and horses. Eventing technique and technology applied to champions.

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