HorseFirst Heavy Sweat 1Kg

HorseFirst Heavy Sweat 1Kg

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When your horse works or exercises it sweats. This is a horse’s natural cooling down mechanism. A horse sweats even more when it is not fully conditioned or fit, in hot or humid weather or when it is nervous, excited or agitated. A horse can lose 15 litres of sweat in one hour in hot, humid conditions. The type and duration of exercise will also determine the level of sweating. Excessive sweat loss causes an electrolyte imbalance which leads to premature muscle fatigue, reduced stamina, muscle cramps and poor recovery after exercise if not corrected.

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When to use
When your horse is in work sweating heavily, be CAREFUL some horses do not show visible signs of sweating but they will still need electrolytes.

1. Dry of colour coat.
2. No energy or spark.
3. Dark or cloudy coloured urine.

Which Electrolyte?
Look for a combination of sodium chloride, potassium, chloride, calcium chloride.
Avoid products that are majority fillers like dextorse, sugar or clay.

How to feed an Electrolyte
1. Mixed in damp feed.
2. Mixed in a syringe.
3. In drinking water, always give a choice of drinking water one with and one without.

“VERY IMPORTANT” when feeding electrolytes ALWAYS have a fresh supply of drinking water. Monitor the intake if possible.
No Fillers, Glucose, Bicarbonate or Lactate Pure Body Salts