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495.00529.00 495.00525.00 inc.Vat | 402.44 ex.VAT

Hit-Air vests are designed to be super-light weight and flexible – for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement, while providing optimal protection on inflation. The award winning air bag is triggered when the rider and horse become seperated to provide a stabalising, shock buffering system for added protection to the neck, spine, chest and lower back. The current offer includes the vest, saddle strap, lanyard, canister and full instructions which you must read carefully before using your Hit-Air vest. This option requires a 48CC canister and spares can be ordered on this website.

Available Colours: Flourescent, Black, Green, Navy
Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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Product Description

The Hit-Air Pro air jacket has been designed to offer maximum rider comfort and optimal added protection when horse and rider become separated with added protection to the neck, spine, collar bones lower back with Hit-Air being the only Air vest on the market with rib cage air bags to protect the ribs and vital organs.

The Hit-Air Pro has a neck protection that is designed to support the neck in a fall from your horse significantly reducing the possibility of hyper extension and whip lash. The air jacket inflates outward rather than inwards with the lower back protection folded neatly away so it does not interfere with the saddle when riding.

The Hit-Air can be worn over a body protector for maximum protection and to comply with BE rules or it can be worn on its own giving considerably more protection to the rider on inflation than riding without protection the Hit-Air Vest is fully inflated in approximately 0.25 from activation to full inflation and has a clever internal adjustments that allow the air vest to worn snugly over jackets in the winter and t shirts in the summer.

Favorite Features

  • Top fast: 0.09 sec deployment time!
  • Attention to detail is unmatched by any other brand of airbag apparel
  • The neck airbag is significantly larger than the leading competitor’s
  • The neck airbag inflates first, where most injuries occur, followed by (in only fraction of a millisecond) the torso and hip airbag
  • The key box where the CO2 cartridge is deployed is protected from dust and dirt and provides sound insulation to minimize spooking the horse during an unintended deployment
  • Added comfort in the saddle because the hip air bags are concealed inside a special pocket making it unnecessary to have a long “duck tailed” style that can be uncomfortable in the saddle
  • Cool to wear due to the open design

Additional Information


Small SV2, Medium LV, Med MLV, Med LV, Large MLV, Large MLV-C


Flourescent, Black, Green, Navy