Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector
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Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector

210.00249.00 inc.Vat | 202.44 ex.VAT

The RS2010 offers the highest European & BETA standards of protection with market leading comfort or flexibility. The flex of up to seventy independently hinged foam sections allows movement & circulates air throughout the RS2010. Designed to enable riders to perform consistently at their peak.

Available Sizes: XS Adult / S Adult / M Adult / L Adult / XL Adult / L Ladies

See size charts below

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Product Description

  • EN13158:2009 (Level 3) & BETA 2009 (Level 3)
  • Highest available standard of protection
  • Market leading comfort & flexibility
  • Up to 70 independently hinged sections
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Moulds to individuals body shape
  • 20 standard size range. Full 22 colour range
  • Adjustable for perfect fit & choice of back lengths


Size Chart

Front Lengths –  denotes the same front lengths between sizes.

Back Length Option – each size is available with either a standard or short back option.

Long/Tall – refers to a longer front & back than the standard size, with the same chest and waist fit.

Ladies Fit – adult sizes Large & X-Large. Suitable where size is needed for the chest & waist, but a shorter body is required.

Chest Size – sizes commonly fit larger than the chest measurement guide suggests. Select a smaller size if appropriate.

Chest and Waist

Step 1

Measure the chest size and select an appropriate size from the size chart. To measure the chest, place the tape measure across the back, underneath the arms and then across the fullest part of the chest/bust.  Important- Chest measurement guides in the range tend to be generous. If the chest measurement is close to bordering sizes, select the smaller size to try initially.

Step 2

Before trying on, loosen the side adjustments to the maximum allowance. Once on, insert thumbs into the armholes to bring the two sides together and to help make doing up the zip easier.

Step 3

Tighten the side adjustments until a firm, but comfortable fit is achieved. Whether this can be achieved within the range of adjustment will determine whether a smaller or larger size is required.

Additional Information


XL Child, XS Short Adult, XS Adult, S Adult, M Adult, L Adult, XL Adult, L Ladies, XL Ladies