Fastuds® kit Soft Ground SG W3/8 MICHEL VAILLANT

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Size: Fastuds® kit Soft ground SG W3/8 MICHEL VAILLANT
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Fastuds® kit Soft ground SG W3/8 MICHEL VAILLANT

8 Fastuds® SG 13mm + 8 Fastuds® SG 17mm + 1 key + 50 foam plug
FASTUDS® kit soft ground with self-cleaning thread. Hardened tungsten studs.
Screw your stud and repair stud hole in one step. 
Fit your stud in half the time ! Ideal for competitions. 
Contains 8 FASTUDS® SG 13mm + 8 FASTUDS® SG 17mm + 1 key + 50 foam plugs.
Fastuds self cleaning thread
Horse studs: fast and easy
FASTUDS® W3/8 cleats save time with Self Cleaning Screwing and re-tapping of holes. The tungsten tip and hardened steel body provide better quality and resistance.

Assuming the thread in the stud hole is good, there is no need to tap the stud hole.  Clean out the stud hole with a pick or the special Fastud tool, screw in the stud. When you remove the stud clean any debris from the flat area on the side of the stud.

Today fully aware of the reluctance of riders in the face of studs (it is difficult to fit studs in particular because of the re-tapping of the holes and confusion among all the existing models on the market), Michel Vaillant has innovated by creating the range of studs. FASTUDS®. A simplified range, easy and quick to set up ... With FASTUDS® studs, use Self Cleaning Screwing to save time and do away with re-tapping holes. Provide grip and rock-solid life with the tungsten tip and hardened steel body, to “hold” to all types of floors. Offer only 8 studs to cover all the needs of riders, with a clean description and explicit references. SELF CLEANING SCREWING Screw your studs in a single action without repairing your holes. At the time of screwing, the thread is repaired at the same time. No more need for the tap, you grip twice as fast! GRIP IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES Exceptional quality: with their tungsten tip and hardened steel body, they will retain their eye-catching design for a very long time, for the best grip on all types of ground. 8 STUDS FOR ALL NEEDS A unique range of only 8 studs, covering all uses and easy to learn. Easy identification by reference: Type of soil / Protrusion / Type of thread.

Sizes in this kit: 13mm, 17mm 

Horse studs W3/8

Whitworth studs (W3/8) have a different thread than the French one (M10). They are particularly used in Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and USA. The W stands for BSW (British Standard Whitworth) and the 3/8 for the diameter in inches.

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