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FOMO’s FAZE is the first in our line of award-winning equestrian body protection.

 FAZE features a unique mechanism which works to mould it to your exact shape; giving you maximum comfort.

 This BETA Level 3 body protector has been developed using our patented DION technology and has been tested over and above the typical
requirements, exceeding the industry standard by up to 65% making it, arguably, the safest body protector in the market.

 Choose from Black, Taupe, Dark Olive, Berry Pink, Berry Pink Hi-Viz, or Hunter Brown.

 With FAZE there is maximum comfort and safety allowing you to be your best…because, with FOMO, there is no compromise.


Adjust my dial for the perfect fit.

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Using DION technology our foams exceed the industry standard by up to 65%.

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Our combination of textiles ensures our body protector is flexible and breathable ensuring maximum results.

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Our soft-shell outers are removable and can be washed at 30 degrees.
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