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The ultimate Performance & Recovery Combo for Competition.

Prepare & Recover in two easy steps with Foran Equine's competition supplement pack

  • Pre-Fuel - Easy to use, quick energy boost. (60ml syringe)
  • Refuel - More than just an electrolyte. (30 ml syringe)
  • Optimise your horse's performance & recovery with Foran Equine's Pre-Fuel & Refuel Gel. Fast and effective performance and recovery support when needed most

    Buying the 3 twin pack offer you get 48.5% off + one free draw string bag


    Rapid energy paste with essential BCAA’s to maximise athletic performance.

    Ideal for:

    • All performance horses:
    • Who tire easily during competition
    • When significant athletic effort is required in one day

    Features & Benefits:

    Hydrolysed plant protein:

    • Readily absorbed to provide extra support for the equine athlete when needed most
    • Providing essential and non-essential BCAA’s to support maximum effort

    Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant for muscle health

    B Vitamins – for optimum energy and protein utilisation

    Key Minerals – to support muscle function.


    The Strict Anti-Doping Formulation Ensured (S.A.F.E) marks Foran Equine Pre-Fuel Gel as free from prohibited substances and are safe for use in competition and racing horses. 


    Concentrated electrolyte gel with added B vitamins and antioxidants for optimum recovery.

    Ideal for:

    • Performance horses
    • Horses in intense work
    • Horses in hot climates 
    • Those who suffer from muscle conditions including stiffness


    Features & Benefits:

    Specially designed – to manage the loss of electrolytes through sweating

    Sodium – the most important electrolyte as it regulates thirst

    • Complemented by potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium to support whole body function

    B Vitamins – for optimum protein and energy utilisation and to maintain appetite

    Vitamin C & E – a powerful antioxidant package to aid muscle recovery

    The Strict Anti-Doping Formulation Ensured (S.A.F.E) marks Foran Equine Refuel Gel as free from prohibited substances and are safe for use in competition and racing horses.

    Pre-Fuel Nutritional Analysis
    Vitamins Per litre Per 60ml
    3a700 Vitamin E 41,650mg 2,500mg
    3a820 Vitamin B1 2,665mg 160mg
    Vitamin B2 332mg 200mg
    3a831 Vitamin B6 500mg 30mg
    Vitamin B12 12,495mg 750mg
    3a314 Niacin 5,000mg 300mg
    3a841 Calcium-D-Pantothenate 1,666mg 100mg
    3a890 Choline Chloride 2500mg 150mg


    Trace Element (source in brackets) Per litre Per 60ml
    3b612 Zinc (Zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates) 333mg (2,216mg) 20mg (133mg)


    Amino Acid Per litre Per 60ml
    Potassium Sorbate 3,125mg 188mg


    Refuel Nutritional Analysis
    Vitamins Per kg Per 50ml
    3a700 Vitamin E
    3a820 Vitamin B1 543mg 23mg
    3a831 Vitamin B6 189mg 8mg
    Vitamin B12 2,127mg 90mg
    3a300 Vitamin C 11,820mg 500mg



    Can be given prior to exercise/racing. Give 1-2 hours prior to exertion.

    Type Daily Amount
    Adult horse* 1 x syringe



    Give 1 hour post-exercise when the horse is fully cooled down.

    Bodyweight Daily Amount
    450 - 600kg* Full syringe
    300 - 450kg Half syringe

    About Foran Equine

    For over 45 years, Foran Equine has been applying its science for your success. What began as a select range of equine healthcare products, now extends to over 60 products, meeting all your equine nutrition needs. 

    Foran Equine products are scientifically formulated by our experienced in-house team of chemists, nutritionists, and veterinary surgeons. 

    With some of the best horses in the world, Foran Equine specialises in all high-performance disciplines from horse racing, to show jumping, eventing, dressage, breeding and show horses.

    With the support of our expert technical team, we offer the complete nutritional package, one that you can trust and that puts the needs of your horse at the centre of everything we do.

    Vitamins & Minerals, Performance, Electrolytes, Digestion, Calming, Respiration, Joints & Mobility, Hoof Care, Breeding, Stables Essentials. 

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