Hit-Air Airbagvest, Model Innovation -CS (MLV-CS)

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Color: Black
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Adult Hit-air vest (2XS to S)

Hit-Air vests are designed to be super-light weight and flexible - for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement, while providing optimal protection on inflation. We only sell the latest Hit-air range with wider air bags. The award winning air bag is triggered when the rider and horse become separated to provide a stabilising, shock buffering system for added protection to the neck, spine, chest and lower back. The current offer includes the vest, saddle strap, lanyard, canister and full instructions which you must read carefully before using your Hit-Air vest. This option requires a 50CC canister and spares can be ordered on this website.

incl. CO2-canister 50CC
incl. All-in-One Lanyard
Size S to fit 2XS-S
Weight 1,1 kg.
Keybox B-Type

Product Details


Impact absorbing performance (Front inside Protector) VISCO ELASTAN


Airbag System



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