Foran Equine Hoof Aid

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Foran Equine Hoof Aid 1kg

Biotin rich hoof strengthening powder for daily supplementation. 

Suitable for: All horses particularly young stock and horses with problem hooves.

Scientifically formulated, hoof strengthening powder containing; biotin, methionine, zinc, calcium and phosphorus to improve hoof condition and health. Hoof aid is rich in high levels of biotin, which is proven to improve hoof quality, along with the essential amino acid methionine, which adds strength to hoof microstructure. Also included are the key trace elements; zinc, calcium and phosphorus, used to build hoof horn.

Young Stock

Young, growing horses have relatively greater hoof growth combined with greater overall demands on nutrients. Hoof aid provides an assured method of supplementation for optimum hoof development.

Horses with problem hooves

Horses with poor quality hoof problems such as; cracking, brittleness, slow growth, white crumbly horn will benefit from long-term (4-6 months) continued use of Hoof aid as new stronger hoof horn replaces the old “problem” horn.

All horses

Throughout a horse’s life, hoof growth and wear is constant. Hoof aid is designed as a daily use hoof-conditioning supplement.

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