Leovet Anti Bite Gel

Size: 500ml


Anti-bite protects wood, metal, plastics, bandages and other accessories from being gnawed and chewed by the horse. Can also protect mane and tails against nibbling.

Contains the highly effective ingredient Bitrex™ as the active ingredient which is bitterest substance known to man but yet is completely harmless to health.

It also contains the active plant ingredient Capsaicin: An alkaloid found naturally in various types of chilli peppers which creates heat or spiciness.

Anti-bite is very bitter but is odourless, colourless and leaves no stains and residues.

Now available in a longer lasting gel formula which is double concentrated for a particularly reliable effect to stop unwanted chewing. It also has the added benefit of it less likely to enter the respiratory tract because the active ingredients are bound in the gel.

Long-term protection due to extremely good adhesive strength.

FN anti-doping and medicine control rules: not ADMR compliant, 48h waiting period recommended.

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