Leovet Hoof Lab Elastic Cream

Size: 200ml


A natural hoof elastic cream that supports the moisture balance, elasticity and resilience of the hoof horn.

Strengthens the hoof and its protective mechanisms.

Uses active ingredients such as Coconut oil which has a soothing effect and is moisturising.

Also reinforces the natural protective barrier.

Sallow thorn that has antioxidant properties, ceramides that regulate moisture, lecithin which prevents drying out and stabilises the pH value of the hoof and grapeseed oil that contains linoleic acid which keep keratin elasticity.

Apply to hoof walls, sole and frog 2 - 3 times a week until desired effect is achieved.

Can be used alongside Natural Oil Balm to help increase moisture.

Comes with integrated easy-to-use applicator.

Petroleum free.

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