Leovet Silver Salve

Size: 150ml


Special care for the skin. Silver Salve contains pure silver which by way of the enlarged surface area leads to continuous release of silver ions. This allows the silver's natural effects to unfold supporting the natural development of skin to calm and regenerate.

High-quality natural oils such Avocado and Jojoba Oil along with Beeswax provide dry, cracked skin with moisture, making it smooth without being greasy.

The properties in Comfrey and pure Camomile have particularly gentle nourishing properties and are well tolerated. They speed up the development and formation of cells and soothes the skin.

Zinc has a positive effect on the skin when applied topically.

Can also be used to support the pastern against excessive moisture and bacteria.

Silver Salve can be used in combination with leovet Zinc Oxide Spray.

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