Liveryman Nova Trimmer



The perfect addition to any grooming kit, the Liveryman Nova has been designed with agility in mind. The Nova’s shape and weight make it easy to manoeuvre. Perfect for show preparation, tidying-up or maintaining clip lines.

The fully adjustable blade gives you an in-hand choice of cut height from 0.2mm to 2mm. Two comb accessories allow for cutting lengths of between 3mm/6mm and 9mm/12mm. This cut height range and flexibility makes the Nova the ideal trimmer for difficult and unpredictable areas as well as for general use trimming.

The Nova is quiet with low vibration. It is ideal for use around horses that are nervous or sensitive to noise, especially around the face, ears and delicate areas.

The Nova is rechargeable and has a long-life battery, allowing for multiple uses between charging. Its neat size makes it a great addition to any grooming kit, ideal for use at home or at shows.

Please note the 3mm blade is not adjustable.

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