Majyk Equipe Infinity Tendon Jump Boots

Colour: Black
Size: Full


Uniquely moulded from German grade BASF TPU.

The outer shell is carefully engineered so that the main shell is soft enough to wrap comfortably around your horse’s leg and flex with movement, while the harder strike area is built to withstand shock at a much higher level than most boots.

The addition of extra-large vents lined with micro mesh filters allows generous air flow.

Cool air helps prevent overheating of the lower leg, a leading cause in bowed tendons and suspensory injuries.

Velcro closures are double stitched for durability.

Inside the Strike Guard there is a secondary layer of ARTi-LAGE protection. This inner liner is neoprene-free, Bio foam which helps prevent heat build-up and nasty smells - This makes it the perfect choice for the sensitive horse and helps keep your boots fresh and sanitary for longer.

Sold as a Pair.

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