Majyk Equipe XC Colour Elite 4 Pack

Colour: Kelly Green
Size: Small


4 pack of matching Front & Hind XC Elite Boots.

The XC Elite is our top-of-the-line XC series, worn by Olympians and world class riders.

Featuring a unique fit which will not inhibit the horse's movement, the outer is constructed from a super strong but lightweight rip-stop material bonded over a breathable mesh.

The strike plates are designed to flex in four directions to work with your horse’s natural movement when galloping and turning, but form a hard wall when faced with impact.

ARTi-LAGE dilatant material lines the inside of the strike area for ultimate protection.

The only XC Boot that offers two types of protection built into the boot.

Lined with a non-neoprene unique bio-foam interior, this foam is designed to be super soft but grips the horse’s leg.

Lightweight with extra-large perforations to prevent heat build-up.

The boot construction is designed to repel water and dust over all kinds of terrain.

The unique "Forever Clean" breathable coating on the outer shell, cuts clean up time in half as mud, dirt, and debris slide right off with a quick rinse.

Sold as a Pair.

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