Mount Mills Flax Oil

Size: 4.5 Litre


Flax Oil is The Most Essential Feed for your Horse. Horses cannot naturally produce essential fatty acids (OMEGA Oils) and so these must be added as a supplement to your horse’s feed. Mount Mills Cold Pressed Flax Oil is the ideal way to do this.

Breeding - Can help with breeding for broodmares and for stallions.

Skin Condition - Can enhances skin condition and help fight sweet itch.

High Performance Horses - Can aid high performance horses through muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, reducing lactic acid and increasing stamina.

Immunity - Can add to your horse’s immune system. Omega-3 has been shown to reduce equine endotoxemia which inhibits the occurrence of Colic, Laminitis and Organ Failure.

Sperm Count In Stallions - Studies in Colorado University have shown that breeding stallions who were supplemented with long chain Fatty Acid DHA have shown increased sperm concentration.

Omega-3 - can improve skin and coat condition, may Improve hoof condition, has been shown to Increase sperm count in stallions, can be beneficial to the immune system, may reduce lactic acid build up in muscle tissue, 3 is a natural anti-inflammatory.

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