Noble Equestrian Wave Fork - SPARE PARTS

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Size: Wave Fork C-Clip Black
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SPARE PARTS ONLY!! See what's available limited stock

Our Best Selling Noble Equestrian Wave Fork

An innovative breakthrough in stable management, clean stables with ease using the lightweight customisable Wave Fork®, which comes with a five year guarantee!

Features & Technology

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Aircraft grade aluminium handle built for lightweight durability for your equestrian gear needs
  • Adjustable grip on handle for personalised comfort
  • Copolymer plastic resin tines bend but don't break
  • Outer tines form a basket for maximum load
  • Tines interchangeable for replacement or customisation
  • Intelligent rail set design for maximum durability
  • Have a laugh click our wave fork attack video: ... at our stand

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