Point2 P2-RS Hybrid - Racesafe Airvest

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Colours: Black
Size-range: Adult S
€846,45 €891


The P2-RS is built on the chassis of the RS2010 body protector, which is approved to European Standard & BETA 2018 Level 3, with the added protection of Point Two air vest technology incorporated into the garment.


Approved for use in competitions and endorsed by top event riders internationally. The P2-RS inflates at speeds of up to 0.093 of a second, to provide enhanced protection. It also helps guard against crushing injuries in the event of a rotational fall.


  • European and BETA standard (Level 3)- inflated & uninflated
  • Based on the RS2010 with incorporated Point Two Air Jacket technology
  • Convenience of one jacket- Convenient, Comfortable, Elegant
  • 20% weight reduction from wearing separate RS2010 and P2 Air Jacket
  • Inflates at speeds up to 0.093 of a second
  • Repeat performance technology- fully reusable
  • Consistent level of protection in all environments
  • Independently tested by world leading test & certification bodies

 We also sell the Following Point Two - Please contact us for further info if not listed elsewhere:

Point 2  Model Size RRP
inc VAT
PTOBAPROAIXL Point two Pro airvest XL 564.98
PTOBAPROAIL Point two Pro airvest L 564.98
PTOBAPROAIM Point two Pro airvest M 564.98
PTOBAPROAIS Point two Pro airvest S 564.98
PTOBAPROAICL Point two Pro airvest child  L 564.98
PTOBAPROAICM Point two Pro airvest child  M 564.98
PTOBAPROAICS Point two Pro airvest child  S 564.98
PTOBAPROAIXLC Point two Pro airvest XL colour 691.88
PTOBAPROAILC Point two Pro airvest L colour 691.88
PTOBAPROAIMC Point two Pro airvest M colour 691.88
PTOBAPROAISC Point two Pro airvest S colour 691.88
PTOBAPROAIHXL Point two Hunter airvest XL 656.10
PTOBAPROAIHL Point two Hunter airvest L 656.10
PTOBAPROAIHM Point two Hunter airvest M 656.10
PTOBAPROAIHSC Point two Hunter airvest S 656.10
PTOBAPROAIHXS Point two Hunter airvest XS 656.10
PTOBAPROHYAXL P2RS Hybrid airvest XL 928.80
PTOBAPROHYAL P2RS Hybrid airvest L 928.80
PTOBAPROHYAM P2RS Hybrid airvest M 891.00
PTOBAPROHYAS P2RS Hybrid airvest S 891.00
PTOBAPROHYAXS P2RS Hybrid airvest XS 891.00
PTOBAPROHYCXL P2RS Hybrid airvest CXL 874.12
PTOBAP2SOSHGI Point two Soft Shell Gilet 791.78
PTOBAP2SOSHJA Point two Soft Shell Jacket 599.40
PTOBAPROAISTR Point two Pro air strap 10.50
PTOBAPROAIBU Point two Pro air bungee lanyard 58.76
PTOBAPROAICAN Point two Pro air canister 28.00
PTOBAPROAICANS Point two Pro air canister small ( for child S-M) 28.00

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