SCP 200ML Antiseptic wound spray

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Veterinary-formulated, SCP powder spray is a soothing, antiseptic wound spray that removes excessive moisture from wounds and aids in the management of cuts, sores and proud flesh.

The specially selected ingredients (Zinc Oxide, Oregano Oil, Teatree Oil and Marigold Oil) soothe sensitive and irritated areas of the skin, disinfect and decrease skin tension. SCP Spray soothes itching and reduces the tendency to scratch. Chamomile and Arnica oil have a soothing effect and have been used for centuries to aid in the healing process. 

Instructions for proper use:

Clean the affected area carefully. Shake the bottle well until the powder sediment is thoroughly mixed by the steel ball inside of the container. Spray on the affected area 2–3 times daily from a distance of 10 to 20 cm.

Being a spray, rather than a cream or ointment, SCP Spray has the added benefit of no cross-contamination, and no need to wear gloves to apply.

When to use. Any skin injury or irritation e.g. bites, cuts, grazes, saddle sores, girth galls, proud flesh

Ingredients: Zinc oxide, calcium stearate, oregano oil, chamomile oil, arnica oil, teatree oil, marigold oil.

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