Tungsten Fastuds® HG W3/8 MICHEL VAILLANT

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Size: Pack of 10 Studs 6mm Hard Ground
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Fastuds - Self-cleaning thread - Hard ground - Protrusion 6mm to 16mm

Horse studs: fast and easy

FASTUDS® W3/8 cleats save time with Self Cleaning Screwing and re-tapping of mortises. The tungsten tip and hardened steel body provide better quality and resistance.

Fast horseshoe stud. Screw your stud and repair stud hole in one step.
Hard ground design. Protrusions range from 6mm to 16mm. Self-cleaning thread.
Hardened tungsten studs for more resistance.


The studs we offer are the result of Michel VAILLANT's innovation. Whether you use a thread for saddle horses, for heavy horses or for ponies, we have the right stud for you! You can choose from our standard or tungsten studs as well as our range of self-tapping Fastuds ideal for repairing damaged threads.

Saddle horse studs W3/8

Whitworth studs (W3/8) have a different thread than the French one (M10). They are particularly used in Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and USA. The W stands for BSW (British Standard Whitworth) and the 3/8 for the diameter in inches.

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