W-Health & Care Hock Boot

Size: One Size


For injuries, warming up and loosening up, or after strenuous exercise, the W-Health & Care Boot supports the regeneration of the horse's leg with 3 functions - vibrating, cooling or warming.

The boot can combine a cooling and a massage therapy and thus contribute to the healing of tendon injuries. Inflammation will be reduced by the coolpacks, and blood circulation stimulated by the vibration.

Ideal in winter, when there are lengthy periods in the stable, the W-Health & Care boot is optimal for warming up and stimulating the blood flow in the horses legs. This makes the tendons more elastic and can reduce the risk of injury.

The vibrating, as well as heating, function of the boot can be regulated with three levels and thus be optimally adjusted to your horse's requirements.

The boot is supplied in an attractive insulated cool bag so that the cool packs remain cool en route to the stable. Powerbank included.

Length tendon boot: 35 cm.

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