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Do you get irritated by gloves that don’t have the right delicacy for riding? How about a glove that’s so light and sensitive you can hardly feel you’re wearing it?

That’s the reaction of many riders when they try Woof Wear’s event glove for the first time.

To start with, the upper part of this competition glove is made from a durable, breathable 4-way stretch material that makes it very light in weight. It fits superbly too and has such great flexibility that you keep full dexterity when you’re handling the reins.

Next, the glove has unparalleled sensitivity thanks to the remarkable properties of REINTEX ®, a Japanese microfibre material. The outstanding qualities of this fabric make it exceptionally good for making gloves.

You’ll feel the difference in the REINTEX® PRO palm. It has a combination of subtle contact and unparalleled grip that you’ll love. Plus, there’s reinforcement to the areas between the rein fingers where there’s more pressure and wear.

That’s not all though. The gloves perform extremely well, even in torrential rain, whether you’re riding, competing, or working on the yard. And with its shorter cuff, so you can wear a stop watch, it’s a great choice for endurance and eventing.


  • Lightweight, breathable technical fabric event glove
  • Advanced 4-way stretch fabric upper for outstanding fit and flexibility
  • Durable REINTEX® PRO palm for exceptional grip and sensitive contact
  • Reinforcement between rein fingers for additional durability
  • Keeps feel and grip in all weather conditions including torrential rein
  • Short cuff so you can wear a stopwatch
  • Easy-care machine washable glove to wear while riding, competing and doing yard work
  • Suitable for all disciplines and a popular choice for eventing and endurance riding

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