ScruffyJoes'  Team Ireland Eventing European road-trip

So what's the craic lads - ScruffyJoe has Pawsed long enough and wants to tell you a tail or two? 

What do you want to know most - Well - Since you've seen him last he has been on tour to Boekelo in the Netherlands with all the cool kids on the Irish Eventing Team.

He landed in  Normandy and was co-pilote the whole way up there, with frequent widdle breaks. There was no room at the Inn when it got dark so we made a little nest for him in a town called Bethlehem in Belgium en Route or was that en-croute yum yum?

Boekelo was great and he was a great hit with the locals. Next stop was  Le Lions D'Angers Young Horse World Championships "Mondial du Lions" in France where his squeeze Candy came out to see him. He loved this - he got loads of walks and was again the toast of the Irish Squad jumping everything.

It was a bit chilly there so he went to Pau - au sud de France for yet another 5* bash. He met a snotty nosed dog down there and though he had a great time he started to feel a bit unwell. So we headed for home but the ferry was cancelled for a week due to bad weather.

So he decided to hit the high life via the French Amateur National Champs in Fontainebleu - just south of Paris. Poor Scruffs was a bit unwell and was running a temperature and had to go to the vets. He was getting a bit homesick too - but a hardy buck he is and hung out for the week on scary tablets coiffed down in Foie Gras and enjoyed great competition

So after 4,000kms and 20 days non stop shows he told his Chauffeur to head for the Ferry, a ruff ruff crossing and home to Candy and lots of sleeps. To this day he curls up with Candy and swears his undying love for her. Back up and running now and not a show in site. Maybe it is natures way of saying slow down.  Stay safe Everyone !

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